#New York

Twinkle Toes on Tour

Becoming a photographer wasn’t my first dream. I wanted to be a dancer on Broadway after seeing movies like A Chorus Line and West Side Story. Even though I never came close in real life, I’ve always kept a close eye on dancing. For this tour, I twinkle toe my…Read More

Subway Solitude in New York

Every day I spend at least an hour in the subway. Half an hour each way during rush hour. And I love it! There’s no better way to observe other people. It’s like a dance. People stand and sit closely stuffed together in the Subway car. They move closely to…Read More

Top Floor Pick: Manhattan after dark

It’s very easy to give you a long list of my top picks to see in Manhattan. But, chances are that travel books or other travel bloggers covered them already. Instead I’ll tell you about my favorite time of day to walk Manhattan. After dark. Due to recent events (explosions in…Read More

Rebels and magic

After 10 years I’m back to being a student. I’m taking a 4 week photography workshop at the New York Film Academy, visual and performance arts conservatory. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?  As it turns out, New York Film Academy also has a little bit of…Read More