street photography

Hang in There

Rotterdam Romance: secret messages 4

For this series I was particularly triggered by street signage. Like shopping windows, random objects, neon signs and street art. Some were left accidentally and carefully planted there. Walking around Rotterdam I realised that a lot of signage can be discovered here. Probably more than in any other Dutch city.

A Colorful Reminder of Love

Rotterdam Romance: secret messages 6

The concept is of this series is pretty simple. I’m a cheerful romantic and I like a good story. During my Rotterdam street dives, I discovered that the streets contain many secret messages of love, hope and encouragement. You can see it, if you only bother to look for them.

Harlem says Hello

HARLEM says Hello 8

A strong bass line. A woman fiercely singing the blues. The soulful sound travels the distance to the 125th Street Subway station. Harlem says hello.  Harlem Dark, mysterious and slightly dangerous. If you have never set foot in Harlem, chances are this is the first image that springs to mind.…Read More

Blinding Light

Blinding Light

Who says you can’t take great pictures with a smartphone? I certainly wasn’t carrying my DSLR camera coming back from a day trip at the railway station. This blinding light and those perfect lines just begged for a photograph.