Foto: Hipster Reflectie

Bijzondere gezichten van Londen_20

Het Londense Shoreditch is overgenomen door toeristen en hipsters. Het lijkt het lot van elke unieke wijk. Eerst komen de hipsters en daarna volgen de toeristen met hordes tegelijk. Het mooiste is als je ze dan kunt vangen in 1 beeld. Baard: check! Hoedje: check! Zorgvuldig uitgedachte outfit, inclusief accessoires:…Read More

Busted! How to shoot street portraits

Busted -how to shoot a street portrait

Busted! Is a close-up street portrait series I made at the beginning of this year in Rotterdam. That’s when I decided to enter the first Urban Street Dive contest, which challenges photographers all over the world to submit their best street photos.   Scuba diving in Rotterdam I really enjoyed…Read More

Spring in the City

Spring in the City

~ I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day. When it’s cold outside, I’ve got the month of May ~ My Girl – Marvin Gaye Apparently the exact beginning of spring is not very exact at all. You have the specific date we all agree on, the moment when days and…Read More

From Subway to the Museum

Four women Subway train

How did I get my pictures from the New York Subway into the hands of a museum curator in just six months? Would you believe me if I told you it was totally by accident and with a small portfolio? Subway Solitude Last September I was studying photography at the…Read More

Amsterdam Black & White: I smell cheese

Amsterdam in black & white I Smell Cheese

What do a tourist, a goat, tulips and cheese have in common? They come together in – probably – the most Dutch picture I have ever taken. I like that the woman in front of the storefront window tilts her head back a little. Like she is picking up on the…Read More