Amsterdam in Black and White

“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph in black and white, you capture their souls”  – Ted Grant, Canadian photo journalist Starting the new year always makes me a little sentimental. I crash on the couch, fast forward to the best parts of…Read More

6 Must See Street Performances

Music in the street is one of the many perks of living in the big city. I’d like to share some of my top pick street performances with you. Whether it’s a fiddler performing a Black Eyed Peas tune in Santa Monica or  two women playing Bach in the streets…Read More

Top Floor Pick: Manhattan after dark

It’s very easy to give you a long list of my top picks to see in Manhattan. But, chances are that travel books or other travel bloggers covered them already. Instead I’ll tell you about my favorite time of day to walk Manhattan. After dark. Due to recent events (explosions in…Read More

Het is stil in Amsterdam

“Het is stil in Amsterdam. (…) De auto’s en de fietsen zijn levenloze dingen. De stad behoort nu nog aan een paar enkelingen. Zoals ik. Die houden van verlaten straten.” – Ramses Shaffy This is one of my favorite pictures. An oldie, but goodie. I’ve taken this picture two years…Read More