Dare to begin!

If you want to be a writer, write! ~ Epictetus

The same applies when you want to take pictures. You have to pick up that camera and shoot. It doesn’t matter if all you’ve got is your phone. Go out and take those pictures.

When I decided I really wanted to learn how to be a photographer, I found out that photography is one of the few crafts where books don’t get you very far. You can try to learn everything from shutter speed to, camera lenses, aperture and depth of focus from a book. Or try to dismantle your camera lens . I tried that once to fix a loose screw inside the lens. Let’s just say…it didn’t end well. All this wasn’t going to make a better photographer out of me.

What did? Giving myself a goal. Getting an assignment. Go out and try. I learned most of the technique by working on little assignments. Like giving my own interpretation to a world wide movement like “Follow the Red Line” (http://didyousayeager.com/eager/nl/redline), where photographers from all around the world connect to each other by loading a photo with a red line.

Or by practicing the technique of lighting by building a mini studio in my living room, without knowing what I was doing.

Starting off Top Floor Pics you will see some of my start up projects, by using light and letting my inner (nail polish) artist out.