Get Your Lucky Shot

I will tell you a little secret. Some of my favorite pictures don’t have anything to do with difficult studio lighting, correct exposure or the best camera angle. Some of my best pictures just happen to be a lucky shot. 

Don’t get me wrong, I did learn everything about correct exposure and camera angles. I could talk your ear off about all these important and technical things, but I’ve found that sometimes the best portraits are nothing more than a lucky shot. That one moment where everything works.

Just smile and waveTop Floor Pic_maart 2014_1
Portraiture is one of the most challenging photography styles imaginable. For both the model and the photographer. Just think how intimidating it is to have someone shoving this big bulky lens in your face asking you to ‘just relax and smile’ like nothing is going on. Believe me, I know what I’m asking my models to do. In turn I have to make sure all the technical aspects are in place and coach you through the whole ordeal and make sure you feel at ease in front of my camera. 


Catch and releaseTop Floor Pic_november 2010_1
So far I’ve always had tremendous luck shooting portraits, because of willing models and being able to catch the funny and candid moment on camera. I don’t want to jinx it. It’s not a sure thing I get to capture that utterly relaxed look or the outside environment to cooperate when my model seems to have forgotten I’m even there. The best part is when I release the shutter and I just know that this is the lucky shot. 

Perfectly timed
To give you an idea, I’d like to share some of my favorite lucky shots. A great urban shot through a store window. A friend who just peeps through somebody’s arm with a twinkle in her eye. Of the girl totally focused on throwing the frisbee to perfection. The cheeky smile and perfectly timed wind playing with my friends hair. The mysterious smile and perfect lighting on a fall afternoon. And the swimmer going for her first obstacle during a pentathlon race (and yes, that is as difficult as it sounds). Do you have any lucky shots? Please share them on