Roosevelt Island

I’m back in New York!

At the beginning of my trip I was sentimentally looking back, as many people may do on board a plane to a new place. This is my fifth stay in New York City, the second time as a student and my 10th visit to America. So far I went to 18 of the 50 United States of America and I hope to add 5 more to that list before I leave. I’ve set foot in all 5 boroughs of New York City and of all the 29 islands surrounding the city I have visited 4. Roosevelt Island is the latest addition to my list and I will be going back.

Roosevelt Island has a really cool cable tramway (East 59th Street and 2nd Avenue), that takes you up high, over the city, the East River with spectacular views of the Queensboro Bridge. Accessible with just a MetroCard and no fear of heights.

Roosevelt Island is about 3 km long and roughly 11.000 people live there. Originally it was called Varkens Eylandt by the Dutch (not our finest moment), so the new name certainly is an improvement. I’m visiting Roosevelt Island on my second day in New York, still a little jet lagged. It feels like a little escape from it’s busy neighbor, where I can lie in the grass and enjoy a cool wind. I have the sneaky feeling other New Yorkers use this little island to escape as well.

Now, I could on and on about the magic and philosophy of Roosevelt Island, but pictures are much better suited for that. So I made a little movie to give you an idea.

This is a short video about Roosevelt Island by Top Floor Pics. The music in this video is a derivative of ‘Dueling Duality’ by Cullah, used under CC/BY/SA 4.0. The music was edited by length to fit the video.

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