Spring in the City

Spring in the City

~ I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day. When it’s cold outside, I’ve got the month of May ~ My Girl – Marvin Gaye

Apparently the exact beginning of spring is not very exact at all. You have the specific date we all agree on, the moment when days and nights are equally long and my time. When little bugs start flying in my face when I ride my bike. Little tip: don’t use sticky lip balm during spring if you don’t want to ride around like human fly paper.

Usually spring means: bye bye mittens, winter coats and wool hats. Say hi to sunglasses, ice cream and shirts with short sleeves. Unfortunately spring is also a fickle time and this year has kept me in my winter coat a little while longer. But even with temperatures being on the low side, Spring in the City marks a new beginning and pulls us outside. .

Surfin’ Safari

The Hague is blessed with a broad coastline and sandy beaches. I catch some surfers during their lunch breaks, chasing the first good waves of the season. In the ice cold surf they look more like frogmen to beat the elements. 

People search for treasures left by winter storms, leave the gym for a run on the beach or just enjoy a quiet moment in the sand.

Nature awakens and starts blooming. Animals get out of hiding and literally stretch their legs.

Living statues

The city parks, terraces and beaches fill up quickly with sun lovers on a lazy Sunday morning. Statues seem to come alive and blend in with the tourists and regulars. And the first tourists flooding the city, seeing the sights and taking pictures…mostly of themselves.

Spring in the City. The official beginning of hay fever season and dressing way to hot or way to cold for the always fickle weather. Small flowers making their way up after the cold winter and daredevils in the surf. Next: Summer in the City when I plan to eat my weight in ice cream. Stay tuned 😉

Ice cream