Summer Nights in the City

Summer Night in the City 24

~ Summer days drifting away, but oh, oh those Summer Nights. Tell me more, tell me more ~ Summer Nights (Grease) – Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta

After Winter and Spring in the city, it is time to take a Summer tour of The Hague. Slightly more challenging than the first two episodes, because how do you catch that typical summer vibe in a picture? Photographing sunbathing people on a beach isn’t interesting and a little weird…  

Summer is fickleSummer is Fickle

Besides. Summer is fickle. Sometimes it’s hot. Sometimes it’s…not. Sometimes you have to dress down in blazing heat. Other times you have to put on massive amounts of plastic to protect yourself from endless rain. Those beautiful summer days are over before you know it. Make the most of them. Wear shorts as often as you can. Get some embarrassing tan lines. Host a barbecue. End up cooking everything in the kitchen.

Mediterranean Mood

I really enjoy those long summer nights. When the afternoon seems to go on forever and you avoid going home. When you keep ordering snacks and more drinks and telling yourself ’this one will be the last’. Then, slowly, but surely, night comes and you are surrounded by likeminded people in this Mediterranean mood. Everybody seems to enjoy those balmy evenings. People take out their small boats to cruise the canals. Children play outside past their bedtime. And people like me take a stroll through the city. Stumble into an obscure Wild Rooster (!) festival or enjoy a man playing his guitar in the open air. Oh, those Summer Nights.

Indian Summer Dreams

As summer days are drifting a away and the season makes way for changing colours, I dream of that period of unseasonably warm, dry weather that sometimes occurs in autumn: Indian Summer. 

Stay tuned for Autumn in the City

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