Winter In The City

Sledding down the hill

It may be winter outside
But in my heart it’s spring
~ Love Unlimited ~

Winter stories

Winter is coming swiftly to an end. Very soon the gloves and big coats come off and make way for sunglasses and t-shirts.  Even though I really like December, January and February don’t really work for me. Between soldiering through cold air and winter storms, I welcome spring. However, when the snow starts falling and there is even the slightest possibility of skating on natural ice, otherwise known as ‘Elfsteden-koorts’, we are talking a different story. It may be zero degrees outside, but photography magic happens when kids and grown-ups play in the snow. There just might be some beauty hidden in winter, with it’s occasional beautiful winter day, colourful sunsets and lit up buildings. So, I’ve decided to make a photography series of it: all four seasons featuring my hometown Den Haag (The Hague). Starting with Winter in the City. 

Multicolor sunset reflecting in the canal (@ Hooigracht).

“What is this snow you talk about? Let me see what it tastes like?” (@ Clingendael)

The story of the fallen snowman, casualty of thaw. And the snowman giving directions. “Go up and to the left! No! Go down the corner and to the right!” (@ Bezuidenhoutseweg & Haagse Bos)


Dutch Houses of Parliament reflected in the pond at sunset. (@ Lange Vijverberg)

Stay tuned

Stay tuned for more seasons in the city. Next: Spring in the City, featuring Den Haag!


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